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We believe in the healing power of natural plants and herbs.

Who We Are


African Herbswoman is a Black woman owned apothecary headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

We provide a variety of natural herbs for full body, mind and spiritual wholeness. You can use our herbs in your everyday food or beverage to reap health benefits.


On a daily basis our food lacks the nutritional value it needs. We also aren't chewing up our foods to get all the nutrients it may provide us. Powder herbs are an easy way to get those missing minerals in that your body needs!

Our herbs consist of powder fruits, roots, leaves, and sea weeds.


Our passion for health and sustainability is what has been the driving force for our brand.

 A portion of our proceeds are donated to educational development for economically underprivileged children in Detroit.


Our #1 Priority is to provide educational awareness on how to incorporate natural herbs into your everyday life.

We aim to inspire health awareness and positive change through the use of natural herbs.

Company Values







We source our herbs from organic and wild crafted farmers all over the world.

You can trust that our herbs are chemical free and have no pesticides, fillers or sprays.


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